The Perfect Ecommerce “Thank You for Your Purchase” Email, and Your Post Purchase Sequences
Written by Ryan Turner
Let’s cut to the chase: you need an automated post purchase email campaign.

There are some obvious reasons for this – namely providing your new or returning customers with important order information – but the utility of a post purchase email doesn’t end there.
Order confirmation emails provide you with a great opportunity to nurture new customers into habitual repeat buyers. If increasing your average customer’s lifetime value is important to your business (spoiler alert: it should be), a well-crafted “thank you for your purchase” email template is a great place to start.

Let’s take a look at the core elements of winning post purchase email campaign, which plays an important role in your wider Ecommerce email strategy.

The Basics: Order Confirmation Emails
Before we get into the fun stuff, it’s absolutely essential that an order confirmation does exactly what you’d expect it to: confirms your customer’s order and tells them when they can expect it to arrive.

Here’s an excellent post purchase email example from Amazon:
Amazon's post purchase email
It’s direct, to the point, and filled with vital information, including the arrival date, order number, and shipment total. It even includes a link to tracking information, making it that much easier to track the package.
Upselling & Cross Selling In Thankyou Emails
As you might expect, the world’s leading ecommerce site doesn’t generate billions of dollars in sales each year by only selling one item to each customer. Amazon relies on repeat business and has configured its post purchase email accordingly.

Take a look at the bottom of this order confirmation email to see the steps taken to further upsell related products:
Post purchase upsells
This simple addition is incredibly powerful. Amazon knows the product you just bought and is using that information to recommend other items you’re likely to be interested in purchasing. By taking the time to configure this, they’re greatly increasing the likelihood of you making an additional purchase of a product you might not have ever discovered on your own.

While your Ecommerce store will not have the insane number of complementary products Amazon has to offer its customers, you can still replicate this upsell/cross-sell in your own order confirmation email.
Incentivizing Repeat Purchasing
While including links to related products is a great way to encourage repeat purchases, incentivizing these offers can help take the performance of your Shopify order confirmation emails to the next level. 

Purchasers are already riding the high from buying – why not take advantage of this good will by giving them a time-sensitive offer?

There are a number of pre-built Klaviyo thank you emails that make doing so a piece of cake. Below is one of their “Thank you for your purchase” templates. This is obviously just a template, and will need to be re-designed and branded for your store, but all the important elements are there.

This thank you/cross-sell template is for stores who are still sending the automatic order confirmation notices from Shopify itself, rather than Klaviyo. Otherwise the product info would be in the Klaviyo email...
klaviyo incentivized thank you email
This post purchase email is short, sweet, and extremely targeted: this particular email is only configured to send out to customers who have just made their first purchase.
new customer thank you email trigger in Klaviyo
By taking advantage of the Klaviyo platform’s various filtering mechanisms, you can customize your thank you emails based on where the recipient is in their customer journey. 

You don’t need to send a coupon code every time someone makes a purchase (and probably shouldn’t to avoid conditioning people to only purchase at a discount), but for first-time buyers this can be an incredibly powerful way to generate additional sales with ease.
Generating Reviews With Automated Follow Up Emails
Another way to further leverage post purchase emails is by employing them to get product reviews on your Ecommerce store. The importance of having an abundance of positive reviews on your website cannot be overstated:

-70% of customers consult reviews before they make a purchase (PeopleClaim)
-63% of purchasers are more likely to purchase from a site that has reviews on it (Shopify)
-Up to 79% of customers trust product reviews as much as personal recommendations (Shopify)

There’s no getting around it: your ecommerce store needs reviews. Post purchase email campaigns are a great way to generate them.

Here's how you might set up a triggered flow email in Klaviyo:
Klaviyo review email trigger
It’s important to note the timing delay being utilized here. Klaviyo has set this “Thank you for your purchase” template to send out 14 days after the order in question has been fulfilled. 


To prevent customers who have not yet received their order from receiving an email prompting them to review it.

While this probably seems remedial, it’s very important to keep in mind when you’re configuring your own Magento or Shopify post purchase emails. You always, always, always want your emails to be relevant to your recipients. Taking the time to make sure your campaign filters are set correctly is a great way to ensure that they are.
Additional Content Ideas For Your Thank You Emails
Your business is unique.

Your order confirmation thank you emails and post purchase flows should be as well.
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a successful post-purchase email series, and while the ideas presented above will work for most businesses, you can always build on them to further benefit your company.

For example... 

Do you frequently get questions about how to best store, care for, or utilize your product? Consider including answers to these FAQs within your post purchase email campaign. Your customers will appreciate this vital information and it will go a long way in making sure they get the most out of their recent purchase , and want to purchase again.
Putting Your Post Purchase Email Strategy Together
As you’ve been reading this guide, you’ve likely thought back on some of the order confirmation emails you’ve received yourself. While you’ve undoubtedly seen some of these various elements in them, it’s highly unlikely that any one email contained every single one.

There’s a good reason for that: the best post-purchase email isn’t just one email, it’s a series of them.

Before you begin worrying about annoying your purchasers into unsubscribing from your list altogether, please know that we’re not advising you send every single purchaser a 10-email series. We’re instead recommending that you use some smart automating to ensure your post-purchase email campaign achieves its goals without drawing the ire of your subscriber base.
The best way to accomplish this is by splitting your order confirmation emails up into a variety of different campaigns that each serve a specific purchase. Every single customer who purchases from your store should receive a follow-up email confirming their order and letting them know when to expect it. Not every customer should receive an email asking for a product review or offering a discount.

This is easily illustrated by Klaviyo’s post purchase emails, all of which are pre-built into the platform.
Klaviyo flow library for post purchase
As you can see, rather than cluttering up a single post purchase email campaign with endless emails, Klaviyo has instead chosen to break them into separate campaigns that target different user types and behaviors.

The upsell flow (“Post-Purchase Bounce Back”) triggers a discount email to send after purchase – but only to first-time buyers
Bounce back thank you email
This is an excellent bit of filtering because it allows you to restrict your special offers to the subscribers most likely to need them to make another purchase: first-time buyers.

You don’t want to overdo discount offers because it cheapens your brand and conditions people to not pay full price for your products. Limiting this particular offer to one specific segment of your user base helps protect against this.

Moving on to Klaviyo’s Product Review/Cross Sell flow, we can see that they believe it’s best to only send one product review email in a short period of time, regardless of the total number of purchases placed.
Review request email timing
To illustrate how these campaign triggers and filters work, let’s consider an example:
Person A places an order on December 1st. The order is fulfilled the same day, causing them to enter into this automated campaign. If they don’t fulfill another order within two weeks, they’ll receive an email prompting them to leave a review of their product 14 days after their order has been fulfilled.

If they do fulfill another order in this period of time, they won’t receive an email 14 days from the date their first order was fulfilled, but – assuming they don’t fulfill yet another order – they will receive an email 14 days from the date the second order was placed, prompting a review for that item.

It’s easy to see why this is beneficial. Without these rules in place, a subscriber could theoretically receive a product review email on the 14th for an order placed on the 1st, then another review email on the 15th for an order placed on the 2nd, etc. This would get incredibly annoying and would likely result in them either unsubscribing from your emails or leaving a negative review out of frustration. 

Instead, Klaviyo accounts for this by ensuring only one product review email is received in a given period of time. They also make sure that the email is timely by waiting 14 days from the fulfillment date before sending it. This gives the recipient time to use the product and form an opinion on it before being asked to leave a review of it. Learn more about Klaviyo's powerful rules, filters and automations here.

You can apply the logic used in these two example emails to any post purchase email campaigns you want to create. It’s okay if your first order confirmation email includes more than just bare bones order tracking information – you can follow Amazon’s lead and recommend complementary products, ask for social follows, or both – but the more complex and specific your goals get, the better served you’ll be by breaking them into individual campaigns.
Take a look at the post purchase email strategies provided and then get to work crafting a winning thank you email flow of your very own!

Want to work with a specialist Klaviyo agency to build a strategy specifically for your brand? Just hit the button below and request a call with our team.

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