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Review: How We're Using The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course to Grow Our Agency in 2019
Just over a year ago we decided to buy Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens with the intention of using his business model to grow our newly launched Ecommerce consulting business. This article summarizes our experience with the program one year in and talks about how we have applied the teachings to our business.

At the time of purchase we were just starting out with a few consulting projects under our belts, and a couple more small consulting gigs in the pipeline with Ecommerce brands we thought we could help. What we didn't have though was a real process to generate leads for our agency (which wasn't really even an agency yet) or an effective sales system to sign up clients. We were also offering a range of services which was too broad when starting out - Facebook ads strategy, email strategy, conversion optimization etc etc. We've since refined our offering to focus just on helping Ecommerce brands grow with email marketing, via a mix of strategy consulting and done-for-you agency services.

This post will highlight our experiences launching and growing this business while following the Consulting Accelerator course.

As previous customers of one of Sam Ovens' other programs a few years earlier, we decided to buy the Consulting Accelerator course advertised on as we'd heard great things. Personally I'd been impressed with the earlier program of Sam's I purchased back in 2013 while working on a different business, so I didn't have any real hesitation buying buying his latest course.

In this short Consulting Accelerator review we'll outline how the program performed for us, and what we generally think about Sam Ovens latest course for anyone considering buying it.

Here's what we'll be covering:

- Consulting Accelerator pricing and what you actually get for your money
- Which topics are covered each week, and where to find the exact lesson titles
- Our view on who the program is suited to, and who should not purchase
- How we used the teachings in our business
- How to get the $500 Consulting Accelerator discount if you decide to buy

Prefer to Watch Instead of Read? I Also Made This Video Review of The Consulting Accelerator Course...
Consulting Accelerator Pricing & What's Included
The regular course price is certainly not cheap at $1997 so it is not something you want to buy on a whim. After doing a little research we did decide to jump in. We knew there was a 14 day refund guarantee available if we needed it, and as mentioned we'd had previous experience with Sam Ovens programs which was definitely positive. 

We purchased the course through a promotion with $500 off, so the final price was $1497. This Consulting Accelerator discount offer is still available and we explain at the bottom of this review article how to get it for yourself if you decide to buy. The course also now comes with a 7 day free trial which is nice.
What's Included? Inside The Sam Ovens Consulting Course
The main part of the course is an online training split into 7 weeks (8 including a bonus week). 

The training itself is delivered via videos, many of which have assignments or worksheets to complete before proceeding to the next step. There is a LOT of information go through. We mean this in a good way, it is all relevant and incredibly in-depth, but don't expect this to be a short program you can complete in an hour a day over the next month. Some videos are short, around 10 minutes while others are very long at well over 90 minutes. The Sam Ovens strategy for teaching is not to cut corners, and just accept that it takes as long as it takes to get all the relevant information across. As a result, nothing is left out.

Here's an image of what the inside of the program looks like. This is week 4, which focuses on the Sam Ovens Facebook ads strategy...
Inside consulting accelerator
If you'd prefer not to sit in front of your computer for hours going through the course content then the good news is that you get physical copies of everything in the mail as well. A couple of weeks after purchasing Consulting Accelerator a nice box-set will arrive at your door with manuals, workbooks, and more. 

Everything in the video training is given to you as a hard copy.

Also included with the program is access to a customer-only Facebook group which is vey active and administered directly by the Sam Ovens team. At the time of writing there are over 15,000 paying customers in the private group. It is very active, and you should be able to get answers to any questions you have about the course while going through it. 

The Consulting Accelerator Facebook group is definitely your first stop when you run into any problems or issues you need help with. Sam Ovens and his team are active in the group in terms of replying to questions, giving advice and being involved in the discussion. Additionally, each week there are two livestream Q&A calls run as Facebook live events inside the group itself. One of these is with Sam, the other is with his team. The livestreams give you the chance to speak directly with the program creators and get real-time feedback on your progress, as well as answers to questions.

Even if you don't have specific questions, just by attending the livestream Q&A calls you'll learn a lot. Try to make them or at least catch the recordings.
consulting accelerator facebook group
Re-cap of what you get when you buy Consulting Accelerator:

- 8 week online training program delivered via videos and assignments to complete
- A paper copy of all course training material mailed to you as a box set
- Access to the customer-only Facebook Mastermind group with all other students
- 2x weekly live Q&A calls with Sam Ovens and the team

We've found that the above is certainly enough to get a consulting or agency business up and running, even if you're starting from scratch. The real magic ingredient of course is the effort your put in yourself, the action you take daily, and how you respond when you run into difficulties or get stuck. If you're not willing to be persistent and put in the work, even Sam Ovens cannot help you.

Now let's move to the next section of the review and take a deeper look at the course material.
Inside Consulting Accelerator - What Will You Learn?
Here's an overview of what is covered in each module, and the process you'll progress through to go from zero to starting a successful consulting or coaching business with paying clients.

In this Consulting Accelerator review we are not going to go into huge detail about what is taught in each lesson of each module as the website already makes that clear. Rather than duplicate all of that content here we'll just briefly summarize each week, before moving into our learnings and how the Consulting Accelerator course has actually helped us - which is the main point of this particular article.

Here's a brief weekly summary...

Week 1: Fundamentals and Foundations

Regardless of where you are with your consulting business right now - beginner or highly experienced - you should start here. This content is essential for newbies, and even successful business owners with years of experience under their belt should go through all of this content.  Whatever stage you're at, you'll learn a lot here.

During this module Sam Ovens teaches some foundational principles of consulting which the rest of the course builds upon. After that though you'll dive right in to some real work. This includes focusing in on your niche and validating it, as well as crafting your offer which is the actual product or service you'll be delivering in your niche to solve their problems, which you'll learn to identify. That might sound like an in-depth process, and it is. However taking Week 1 seriously will make sure your consulting business is being built on a solid foundation with the best chance of succeeding. 

Week 2: New Paradigm and World View

This week is best described as a complete mindset re-boot or re-programming. One thing that Sam has always taught, even in his earliest material, is that your mindset is ultimately responsible for a large portion of your business success, or your failure. This isn't a fluff module on "positive thinking" or anything of that nature, it is an incredibly in-depth process to changing how you look at the world and what is possible. You'll learn how to develop the mindset necessary to see success, and essentially turn yourself into the type of person who typically succeeds in life.

Sam claims inside the Consulting Accelerator course that week 2 alone will change your life. If you apply what is taught in this section then I wholeheartedly agree. It definitely changed mine.

Week 3: Alchemy of Client Conversion

In this module you're introduced to the famous Sam Ovens sales script. You'll be customizing the script to fit your market and offer, then getting some real-world practice both with other members of the Consulting Accelerator program and with real potential customers. After completing this week you'll be safe in the knowledge that your sales process is rock solid, and based on a script that has been proven in hundreds of different niches by Sam Ovens consulting students.

Week 3 also covers some of key psychology of sales points so you're able to stay on track during down periods as well as up periods. You'll learn the mathematics of sales and lead conversion, in order to generate consistent sales results over time even some sales days are always good and others will always be not so good.

Week 4: Alchemy of Client Attraction

After learning how to turn leads into sales in Week 3, you'll now focus on attracting and generating leads in Week 4. This includes finding prospects, starting conversations with them, and filtering them to leave yourself talking with just the most qualified potential customers for your business. 

The lead generation strategies taught in this section are organic (meaning not using paid advertising). You'll also be building a simple website and funnel during this module that filters your leads and lets them automatically book sales calls with you, if they're qualified.

Week 5: Fractal Facebook Evolution

This section is all about Facebook ads, which is something Sam Ovens is known and highly respected for mastering. Sam's success with Consulting Accelerator and selling it to over 15,000 people is largely down to how he uses and scales Facebook ads. Week 5 teaches his process so you're able to implement it in your business and scale up your lead generation as needed.

Ideally you'll already have generated some sales already during the earlier weeks of the Consulting Accelerator course. The recommended strategy from Sam is to use that money to re-invest into your business from those first customers, you'll use it to pay for implementing the Sam Ovens Facebook ads strategy as taught in Week 5.

All I'll say about the actual Facebook ads training here is that it is incredibly in-depth. No matter how experienced you are in this area, you'll absolutely learn a lot in this module. It is designed for beginners and experts alike.

Week 6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery

Now during Week 6 the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course shifts it's focus onto actually delivering the product or service you've been learning how to sell. As with everything in business, Sam wants you to do this in the most efficient way possible by determining the minimum input required to achieve the maximum output for your clients or customers. After you've done that, you'll learn how to hire experts in your niche who can deliver an effective and well priced service on your behalf if you are not going to be doing the service delivery yourself.f

Everything from setting expectations, product/service delivery models, hiring and vetting contractors, managing cashflow and expenses, through automating your delivery as much as possible is covered in this week. After going through this content you'll be confident in your ability to deliver whatever it is you've been learning to sell, and to a high standard.

Week 7: The Next Level

Here you'll get Sam's thoughts on scaling up a business, the best models for doing that, and changes to make to your products or services in order to let them scale easily and efficiently. This is a section you'll not really need until you've made well into six figures with Consulting Accelerator and are starting to hit your capacity for the number of clients and customers you can handle. When you get to that point, Sam Ovens shows you what to do next in this module. 

Week 8: Bonus Week

There is a bonus Week 8 included which focuses on delivering digital marketing services in more detail. This section is only relevant, for the most part, for anyone selling things like SEO, PPC, email marketing, or any other digital marketing services. Great content though, but definitely not compulsory.
3 Ways The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course Helped Us Grow Our Ecommerce Consulting & Agency Business
Most of the reviews I've seen online do not give much information about how the Consulting Accelerator program actually helped the author's business. With that in mind, I wanted to share some specifics about how we've actually applied the Sam Ovens consulting strategies to see real results inside our consulting and agency business.

#1 - Tightly focusing our niche, offer and services to become experts in our market and deliver better results for every client

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, when we first started applying the Consulting Accelerator material our business lacked focus. The niche was Ecommerce brands, and the services being offered were different kinds of marketing including Facebook, email, on-site work and more. This is a big mistake new consulting businesses make. We knew this wasn't the best way forward, but when you're starting out it is tempting to take on almost any client willing to pay, if you think you can give them a service they want.

The Sam Ovens training stresses focus and clarify from day one. Pick one specific niche. Find one problem you can solve in that niche. Craft one offer/service designed specifically to solve that problem. Nothing else, that's all you're doing. At least in the beginning.

Lastly, selling a specific solution to solve a well defined problem in a market is so much easier than just selling anything a client might want, even if it's within a niche. Focusing on a single service for a particular type of business has been massive for us.

So how did we do this?

We focused on one very specific area in which we could help Ecommerce brands grow their sales. It was the area we'd done the most work in so far. This area was email marketing strategy. We took it further though, and decided to focus even further and only work with clients who were using a specific piece of software to run their email marketing (a software called Klaviyo).

Our positioning, before: Helping Ecommerce brands grow revenues with digital marketing (Facebook, email, conversions, etc etc)

Our positioning, after: Helping Ecommerce brands grow revenues with proven Klaviyo email marketing strategies.

This tight focus positioned us as experts in our specific niche. It allowed us to gain a lot of experience in one area quickly, and apply learnings across clients, as a lot of the strategies we employ are the same for different brands we work with. This makes everything smoother, easier and more profitable. It also helps us prove results to potential clients.

#2 - Turning lead generation and sales into a repeatable process, instead of something random that just happened occasionally

One of the main focus points of Sam's Consulting Accelerator course is putting processes in place that will deliver new leads and prospects into your business consistently. You'll be taught a handful of reliable lead generation methods, both free/organic and paid, which can be implemented into almost any consulting business or agency.

Our lead generation efforts before implementing the program were not systemized at all. Most inbound enquiries came from referrals, occasional threads in Facebook groups, and a few people finding us via organic Google search. The program definitely installed a new way of looking at lead generation, and ensuring it is a repeatable system.

So how did we do this?

We decided initially to focus on the organic strategies using Facebook and LinkedIn. Our approach involved posting valuable content in feeds and groups that would demonstrate our expertise to our target market of Ecommerce brands. Doing this daily, along with engaging in discussions in relevant groups, started a good number of conversations with prospects and at a fairly reliable rate.

In practice this just involves carving out some time in your schedule each weekday which will be used for implementing this strategy. Once you've identified the most valuable groups for your target market on Facebook and LinkedIn, it is just about making sure you're always visible inside them and contributing value to the discussions. From there, conversations with prospects naturally develop and you can transition to a phone call when the time is right. If we were to start over from scratch again with little or no budget, this is absolutely the lead-generation strategy we'd use from day 1.

After we'd closed a few more consulting deals, the next step was to invest some of that revenue into lead generation efforts that were more automated and didn't require manual work every day from us. We used two approaches for more automated lead generation: Facebook ads and SEO.

On the SEO side, we invested in some on-site keyword optimization to put us on the first page of Google for our key search terms. In addition we created several in-depth content pieces that would attract more search traffic which we could turn into leads.

Next up was implementing the Sam Ovens Facebook ads strategies taught in Consulting Accelerator. This was fairly simple and low cost for our business, as we only need a small number of leads each month to stay at capacity - we're going for less clients overall, but higher quality brands who want to work with us on large projects over many months.

In short, the Consulting Accelerator Facebook ads training for lead generation involves first setting up a funnel to pre-qualify leads and allow them to book consultation calls automatically. We created what's called a "value-video funnel" to run our ads to. Essentially this is designed to filter out the good quality leads from the low quality leads. The process is fairly in-depth and takes a while to implement, but is detailed in full inside Consulting Accelerator. When this funnel is built, you're able to send traffic to it via whichever methods you choose (such as Facebook ads) indefinitely. This is one of the most hands-off lead generation strategies available for a consulting business and we recommend implementing it once you have a few sales under your belt.

Lead-generation, before: Relied on referrals and people finding us in Facebook groups. Not reliable, consistent or predictable.

Lead-generation, after: Lead generation is now almost 100% on auto-pilot. SEO and and some low budget ads bring us the vast majority of sales opportunities. Little to no need for organic marketing any longer. Results are more predictable, and we get roughly the same number of new business enquiries monthly. It is also easy to scale up our lead-generation efforts if we need to in the future.

#3 - Changing to a new revenue model that will scale more easily and profitably, allowing us to help more Ecommerce brands.

Currently we are working on changes in the business to allow it to scale better. If you're providing done-for-you services as we do, or any kind of one-on-one packages, there will be some limits to how much you can scale without constantly adding more and more team members, or without the quality of your service declining. Sam Ovens teaches some great strategies for dealing with these issues and we're implementing them currently.

So how are we doing this?

At the moment we're building out a new offer that will allow us to work with many more clients at any one time. Essentially this involves moving away from some of the done-for-you elements of our business and re-packaging our services as trainings or group programs. This means that instead of us doing all of the work for clients, we're showing them how to do it so they're able to implement using their own in-house teams but using our strategies and expertise. This reduces the manpower required from us, reduces clients depending and waiting on us, and still allows them to get excellent results. 

We'll be able to work with many more clients concurrently with this model. Essentially we're packing our experience and processes for getting client results into a digital training they can follow and implement into their own business. With out support, clients will be able to replicate what we do, but for themselves.

We're launching this new model in the coming months, so keep an eye out for it!

Our model, before (current): 100% done-for-you and one-on-one consulting with clients. The service is great, however scaling up is difficult without adding a lot of complexity. Scaling up while maintaining our current level of service would be difficult and cumbersome.

Our model, after: Packaging our expertise into an online program clients purchase and implement themselves with our guidance. Will scale a lot more easily, allowing our business to grow while delivering great results to a lot more Ecommerce brands.


Now you've learned a little about how the program helped us specifically, let's discuss the wider topic of who will typically benefit from the program. As you can tell so far from this Consulting Accelerator review we really like the course and value it highly, but it is not something everybody should purchase without first considering if it is a good fit...

Who Is The Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course Best Suited For, And Should YOU Buy It Or Not?
Generally the Consulting Accelerator course is designed for anyone starting or already running a consulting, coaching, or agency business delivering services.

It doesn't really matter what market you're in, as the Sam Ovens model can really work in any market if applied properly. Whether the program is a good choice for you is determined by the type of business you're running - not the market you're in. So as long as you're a coach, expert, consultant or service provider the program was designed to help you. It will not be much help to anyone selling physical products, or operating a physical store, for example.

Here are some examples of successful businesses Sam Ovens' students have built with the program, to give you an idea:

- Weight loss coaching
- Relationship coaching
- Marketing agency (Facebook ads, SEO, email, social, PPC etc etc)
- Sales consulting
- Personal finance coaching/consulting
- Business coaching
- Tax and accounting coaching/training
- All kinds of health coaching and consulting
- Addiction recovery coaching/consulting
- Social media consulting

That list could go on for a long time and the above are just a few examples. 

Essentially, if you're selling a solution or service that solves a problem for a specific market via some kind of coaching/consulting package, or if you're providing a done-for-you service such as an agency, then this program is designed to help you.

Next, once you've determined you're in the right kind of business to benefit from Sam's Consulting Accelerator course, you need to make an honest evaluation of yourself. This is because the program is not easy, and it is not a quick solution to your business growth problems. The course requires dedicated time, effort and work... and this would not be an honest Sam Ovens review if we didn't make that very clear! 

If you're the type of person who jumps around from project to project and doesn't see anything through to completion, this is not the program for you. If you need to see results overnight the same applies. You'll need to have discipline and be highly motivated to complete this program and get the most from it. If you're not wanting to go 'all in' on business, then this isn't for you. It's fine if you're still working a job while taking the program but you need to dedicate time every week and take this seriously. For anyone not committed, this course will not be a good investment. You just will not get through it, and won't stick to the strategies long enough to see any actual results.

If the above doesn't put you off, and you like a challenge, this course is likely a great purchase for you that will make you many times your investment back in profits.

How To Get The Consulting Accelerator Discount ($500 Off The Purchase Price)
If you've decided you'd like to purchase, great! 

We'll now discuss the Consulting Accelerator pricing options and how to get the special Sam Ovens discount that saves you $500.

The regular price is $1997 if you pay in full. If paid in installments, then you'll pay 5 monthly payments of $497, which obviously works out more expensive but allows you to spread the payment. However you choose to pay, you can get the $500 Consulting Accelerator discount offer by following a very simple process that Sam has put together. It takes a couple of minutes and will get you the $500 discount every time. You also get a 7-day free trial if you want one however you decide to purchase.

You can get the $500 discount and free trial here instantly:


That link will take you a dedicated page explaining in full the instructions for getting the $500 off, including a video demo of the process. No point in repeating all of that here!

That concludes this Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator review. We hope you enjoyed it, and that it has helped you decide whether the program is a good fit for you or not.

Best of luck!

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