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Important: Our strategies are highly effective, but they always work best for e-commerce brands who are established and already selling successfully online. If that's you, it is very likely that what we do can help you generate 15%-30% or more in additional sales revenue every month. This is not for startups that don't have cash flow to invest in proven marketing systems.
The Email Funnels Agency was founded by Ryan Turner, a 10 year e-commerce marketing expert. 

Ryan specializes in helping brands grow profitably online using a unique combination of highly personalized email marketing and Facebook ad strategies.

Over his career Ryan has consulted 1-on-1 with Tier 1 retailers including Nike and French Connection. He launched the UK-based e-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization platform, Yieldify, in the United States. 

Yieldify was funded by Google Ventures and SoftBank.
As Klaviyo agency partners we use their email marketing suite almost exclusively for e-commerce clients.

We feel that Klaviyo stands head and shoulders above other competitors in the marketplace. 

Klaviyo's best-in-class tools allow us to achieve outstanding results for e-commerce brands and ensure the email channel delivers as much revenue as possible. 

If necessary we're able to work with other email marketing platforms, however we feel Klaviyo offers the best solution for the vast majority of online retailers.
The Email Funnels Agency provides full service strategy, design 
AND execution of your email marketing
If the email channel isn't performing for you right now - it isn't because you don't have access to the right software. It is likely because the strategy is missing. A strategy that is proven to work for other brands, and executed by true e-commerce professionals
As an e-commerce business owner, CEO or Marketing Director you care about the cold, hard numbers. The measurable sales revenue actually being driven by your marketing emails. Everything we do for our clients has a revenue generation focus.
Our goal for your brand is simple...

Convert more of your visitors to customers, dramatically increase repeat purchasing and profitably grow your sales by at least 20%
Exit-Intent Conversion Funnel
Converts cold exit traffic into email subscriber leads and then in to new customers, automatically
Education & Authority Building Funnels
Educates leads and customers about your market, positions your brand as an authority and builds trust
Welcome To The Family Conversion Funnel
Turns website visitors into subscribers, welcomes them then converts them to customers
5-Star Review Generation Funnel
An automated way to collect positive customer reviews displayed on product pages to boost conversion
New Customer Appreciation & Upsell
Create a fantastic first time purchase experience and build anticipation for product arrival. Also upsells
VIP High Value Gratitude Funnel
Makes your best customers feel TRULY appreciated. Creates raving fans and builds huge brand loyalty
Giveaway or Contest Funnel
Turns contest entrants into new first-time customers for your brand. Encourages viral social sharing.
"Time To Re-Order" LTV Boosting Funnel
Perfect for consumable products, or in any case where it makes sense to re-order after a certain time window
Product-Specific Cross Sell Funnel
You bought this product... so you're probably going to love this other one. Automatically increases average LTV
Objection Handling Cart Recovery Funnel
Recover lost sales without relying only on discounts. Handle objections and use coupons only as needed 
Quiz or Survey Conversion Funnel
A unique funnel to convert cold email leads generated from a niche-specifc quiz into brand new customers 
"We've Missed You" Reactivation Funnel
A unique way to re-engage subscribers or customers who have been inactive for a few months
Those are only some of the automated funnels we implement. 
Each one runs in the background on autopilot and drives sales forever

We also recommend adding manually sent campaigns into the mix monthly, weekly or even daily. These include promotional sales emails, new product launches, holiday specials, blog posts, newsletters and more. By combining our automated email funnels with intelligent, manual campaigns, you'll see the absolute best return-on-investment from email.
Here at The Email Funnels Agency we offer a truely zero risk partnership for the clients we choose to work with...
We'll guarantee 100% of your investment into working with us. 

We KNOW how effective our strategies are for the right brand and are willing to back up our work completely. If we take you on as a client, you'll absolutely see a positive ROI. No exceptions.

For full details of the guarantee just request your free strategy session below.
A growing organic skincare brand seeing almost 40% of revenue from email
This costume jewelry retailer is consistently achieving 30% or more of sales from email with a mix of automated email funnels plus a content-led manual campaign strategy
This custom print apparel brand previously had zero email strategies in place outside of cart recovery... 

Just 6 weeks after we set up their automated email funnels they're seeing 24% of all sales coming from the email marketing channel
Almost $12,000 additional revenue for the month from just two automated email funnels. 
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