The Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Laser Focused On Profitable Growth With Klaviyo

Introduce your brand to cutting edge email marketing and SMS strategies developed specifically or Ecommerce companies.

A Personalized Email Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

If the email marketing channel isn’t performing for you it’s not because you don’t have access to the right software tools or a big enough list. It is likely due to your Ecommerce email marketing strategy – or the execution of that strategy – being below par compared to the leading Ecommerce businesses in your market.

As a brand owner, CEO, or Marketing Director you care about the cold, hard numbers. The measurable sales revenue actually being driven by your Ecommerce email marketing campaigns and SMS initiatives. 

With that in mind, everything we do for our clients through email and SMS has a revenue generation focus.

Our goal for your brand is simple: Convert more of your visitors to new customers, increase repeat purchase rates and lifetime value, and profitably increase revenue by 10-30% using Klaviyo email and SMS.

A solid email marketing strategy can deliver the highest ROI of any digital channel1 and helps your entire sales funnel become more profitable, and means your digital marketing spend in all other channels is more effective.


Built for Ecommerce

We’re an Ecommerce email marketing agency through and through. Our only focus is email and SMS for online stores using Klaviyo.

Tailored Strategies

Everything we do as an agency for Ecommerce brands is designed specifically for your store, your market, and your customers.

We Know Klaviyo

A few years ago we stopped working with all other email platforms to focus solely on Klaviyo as an Ecommerce agency.

Results Guarantee

We’ll guarantee your investment with us and ensure you have both a positive ROI and a positive experience working with our agency team.


Agency Feedback: “Working with Ryan at The Email Funnels Agency is like an extension of our E-Commerce and Email team. His expertise in Email Segmentation in Klaviyo, SMS in PostScript, and Retention initiatives have been instrumental in doubling the size of DripDrop’s total revenue year-over-year. He’s an expert in Email and helped us set up our SMS Marketing Program, which is a massive and rapidly growing channel for us.”

– Mike Demson, Senior Marketing Manager @ DripDrop (Agency Client)

Agency Feedback: “We were stuck half way through creating our flows due to an agency closing, our knowledge of Klaviyo was limited, and we still had a long way to go. Ryan and team came to the rescue. They reviewed our account, provided feedback on our current automated emails and worked with us on a roadmap to revamp the existing flows and build the remaining flows. Since implementation of our new flows (Cross Sell, Replenishment Flow, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment and more) we have seen an increased LTV along with tiger AOV’s.”

– Craig Leslie, Co-Founder @ Lono Life (Agency Client)

Agency Feedback: “The EFA team helped me quickly create all of the automated email marketing flows in Klaviyo and they look great. I started generating email revenue from day 1 and now email accounts for generous amount of my company’s revenue!”

– Kenny Azama, Founder @ The Wander Club (Agency Client)

Agency Feedback: “Good experience working with these guys. Moved over from a larger well known agency and have seen good results.”

– Nick, Founder @ False Eyelashes (Agency Client)

Training Program Feedback: “Probably the most comprehensive email course I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen a few. Everything is well organized and is applicable to beginners and pros especially if you use Klaviyo. If you’re starting or switching to Klaviyo this would be a must have course to attend. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get their email marketing game to the next level.”

– Mikko Horneman, Owner @Lumingerie (Klaviyo Training Program Customer)

Training Program Feedback: “Really great course on Klaviyo that will get us going as a new reseller with limited budget. Everything is covered and easy to follow. Looking forward to the SMS modules which I hope are coming soon.”

– Christian, Co-Owner (Klaviyo Training Program Customer)

Want to Drive More Revenue From Email & SMS? We Could be The Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency For you.

A natural health products brand seeing impressive email revenues every month, without constantly running sales or discounts. Before contracting us this Ecommerce store was seeing less than 10% of revenue driven via the email marketing channel.

Klaviyo results 1

This brand is seeing an 11x increase in year-on-year email revenue after contracting us to re-build their entire email marketing strategy inside Klaviyo. Previously the email program was running in Mailchimp.

A Shopify Ecommerce business relying heavily on content, educational, and social proof email marketing to drive a large percentage of revenue year-round. Complete strategy and execution program built by our E-commerce email marketing agency with strong email open rates and conversions.

Why We’re Different to Most Email Marketing Agencies

We’re a team of true Ecommerce email marketing and Klaviyo experts, in fact we only work with Klaviyo.

In fact, the only thing we do is work with successful Ecommerce brands to profitably grow their sales via the email + SMS channels.

Unlike many popular Ecommerce email marketing agencies, we don’t do web design or web development, we don’t run Facebook ads or paid media, and we don’t make fancy YouTube videos for brands.

We don’t even work with Ecommerce brands who want to use a different a email marketing platform.

Instead we spend all day in Klaviyo building, running, and optimizing industry leading email campaigns and SMS programs that drive sales for online retailers.

Our Unique Email Marketing Services Guarantee

Our full service Klaviyo agency for email marketing offers a truly zero risk partnership for the Ecommerce brands we work with, as long as you’re willing to use Klaviyo as your email service provider.

You’ll get a guarantee of 100% of your investment into working with us.

We know how effective our email marketing campaigns and automations are for the right Ecommerce brand and are willing to back up our work completely. If we take you on as a client, you’ll absolutely see a positive ROI.

No exceptions.

This isn’t something often seen in the digital marketing agency world. For full details of the guarantee just book a discovery call with our team and we’ll be happy to share how everything works, while conducting a free consultation to assess where your online business is currently at.

High Performance Email Marketing Campaigns & Automated Flows

An effective email marketing strategy is built on a foundation of automated email flows supplemented with targeted campaigns for non-buyers, current customers, and VIPs. Of course the end goal is taking contacts from curious subscribers, yet to even receive your friendly welcome email, to repeat customers over the course of weeks or months. This is the true power of lifecycle email marketing.

Email flows and lead generation are where we typically start. An optimized lead capture funnel allows you to get the most value from website visitors who don’t immediately buy from your business, and make the right impression from your first welcome email. High converting lead capture campaigns increase new subscribers so your list is always growing, meaning you won’t need to think twice about removing unengaged contacts who are likely weighing you down.

Your Ecommerce email marketing automations perform best when lead capture is well optimized. This is a huge leverage point Ecommerce stores can use to drive more sales from current traffic, but is often overlooked. With a fresh flow of new leads your welcome sequence has all the ammunition it needs to convert casual browsers into new customers. This means more people see the post purchase email marketing solutions we’ll custom design for you, with on brand content creation and email design focused on high conversion rates.

This all means more post purchase up sells, cross sells, higher customer lifetime value, and more revenue.

Sprinkle in a well balanced email calendar with a wide variety of email marketing campaigns to educate, overcome objections, and your sell products, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a leading brand in your market when it comes to lifecycle Ecommerce email marketing and increasing customer LTV.

Get this right and you’ll enjoy more subscribers, happier customers, better email deliverability, more sales attributed to email campaigns, and a healthier business.

A solid email strategy makes every other Ecommerce marketing channel more profitable, because each website visitor and customer becomes worth more to you. The email channel can benefit your paid advertising, influencer campaigns, PR, Ecommerce SEO, and every other content marketing initiative you run. Email was featured at the top of Shopify’s recent list of the best Ecommerce marketing channels.

Ecommerce Email & SMS Combined: One Platform. One Agency.

One Platform. One agency.

The beauty of Klaviyo is you can run a full email strategy plus SMS marketing from a single dashboard. This allows you to perfectly tailor the customer journey across both channels without any annoying overlap.

You can run an email marketing campaign that’s backed up by an SMS equivalent, or exclude contacts who have already engaged on the other channel. And your Ecommerce email marketing automations can now included an SMS element too.

Everything of course syncs perfectly with your Ecommerce platform.


Klaviyo Pricing Guide for Email & SMS

In-Depth Review of The Klaviyo Platform

Complete Ecommerce Email Marketing Guide

Complete Welcome Email Sequence Guide

Frequency Asked Email Marketing Agency Questions

These FAQs might be helpful in determining if we’re a good fit for you and your brand.

How hands off are the email marketing services you offer?

This depends on the brand. We have various options and packages but our best track record with is with clients who want to be at least somewhat involved in the process. There is flexibility here though and we try to offer a more customizable service than most email agencies.

We offer everything from pure Klaviyo consulting which is strategy, direction and optimization only, where your team takes care of all implementation and email design with our direction, right through to a full service email marketing package where we take care of everything from planning and calendar creation, to designing email templates that fit your brand. The best results are usually found somewhere in the middle when the process is a collaborative one. More info can be found on our Ecommerce email marketing services page here.

How many email campaigns are included each week or month?

We encourage Ecommerce companies to send an email campaign twice weekly on average, outside of key holidays and sale periods. As standard we plan for up to 8 campaigns monthly, with extra allowance during sale times. This is more than some clients are used to sending so if you need help planning out a content marketing and email calendar that gives you two weekly campaigns, our email marketing team will absolutely assist with that.

How does your email marketing agency pricing work?

We’re very transparent about this and full details can be found on our services page. Packages and pricing can be somewhat tailored based on how much resource you as a brand want to commit to things like design and copywriting for email templates. Some brands want to be highly involved, others not so much. Either way we’ll make sure your emails stand out in the inbox and look attractive to users who view them on any device.

Services can be priced as consulting only, done for you services, or delivered as a training program we’ve developed for anyone who wants to learn everything for themselves.

Do we have to run email marketing and SMS together as one service?

No. We encourage most brands to explore both channels, but realize that SMS marketing is not necessarily a good fit for every business. We offer stand alone email marketing services, with the option to add SMS for a small additional fee. Adding this usually provides an excellent ROI for brands who are committed to the email channel already.

Which kinds of brands do your Ecommerce email services work best for?

Most brands selling either B2C or B2B can absolutely benefit. The exceptions would be stores selling a single product with little opportunity for repeat purchases or cross selling to existing customers. A lot of the profit in lifecycle marketing occurs after the first purchase. It also wouldn’t make sense financially for an Ecommerce company selling less than $50,000 in monthly revenue to work with us on a full service package. There are other Ecommerce email marketing agencies who cater to this sector of the market well.

If you feel that hiring an agency like ourselves may not make sense at your current revenue levels, we do offer email marketing consulting and strategy for a lower fee. We have also developed an industry leading online training program teaching Ecommerce email marketing to brands who want to get started themselves. We’ll be happy to discuss either of these options with you if it seems like the full service agency solution wouldn’t make sense.

Is it really “Klaviyo or nothing”? There area lot of good email marketing service providers out there.

For the email side, yes. We’re all-in on Klaviyo. We don’t use Mailchimp, Drip, Omnisend, or any other competitors. They have their strengths but we’ve chose Klaviyo as our weapon of choice.

Although we prefer to run SMS through their platform as well, we have worked with PostScrip in the past for SMS and seen great results. We’re open to working with brands who want to use PostScript on the SMS side as at they have a great track record and excellent customer support.

Does it matter which Ecommerce platform I’m using?

As long as a Klaviyo integration is possible then it doesn’t matter. The most popular platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. There are others too. Full info on supported platforms can be found here in the Klaviyo help docs. If it’s mentioned there, we’ll be able to work with it. Once the initial integration is done, there isn’t much difference when running email campaigns day to day regardless of whether a store is using Shopify, WooCommerce, or something else.